Alibaba Cloud wanted to improve the performance and
usability of their backend platforms.

Stakeholder Interview & Usability Audit

Conducting stakeholder interviews was the starting point of the project. We dug deep comprehending the backend system and clearly understood the end user goals and journey. We audited the platform and presented an in-depth report articulating issues and usability problems.

Work-flow Analysis

It was imperative for us to propose a new workflow to help streamline business process and enhance the design efficiency of the system. We conducted multiple whiteboarding sessions to validate new workflows and prioritize user needs. We worked in tandem with Alibaba Cloud’s product managers and technical architects.

Hi-fi Wireframes

After deciding on the workflows, we created detailed wireframes (almost visual designs). We put these wireframes to test with stakeholders for a final validation.

With rigorous audit, testing and analysis, we helped Alibaba Cloud to redesign and rebuilt the platform leading to improved usability and efficiency.